Alexandra Reilly and Jayson Leone

Alexandra Reilly and Jayson Leone


📷: Samantha Robshaw Photography

Alexandra Reilly of Dartmouth, Massachusetts and Jayson Leone of Paxton, Massachusetts are set to wed in a Dartmouth, Massachusetts backyard affair on September 2, 2017.

How We Met

We met through mutual friends of Jay’s sister. We had met briefly several times out in Boston, but started dating after a Saint Patrick’s Day Party at Jay’s sister’s apartment for the parade in South Boston. Jay drove to our first date to meet me in Somerville and the rest was history.



Our Proposal Story

Jay and I moved to East Boston together after two years of commuting over an hour to see each other. Our favorite park in East Boston is Pier’s Park, a quite large hidden gem of a park with the best views over looking the skyline of Boston. Two years after moving to the city together, we were about to move out of the city into our new house. I was feeling nostalgic, and for my birthday I suggested a walk in our favorite park together. On our walk we came to the tip of the pier with the best views. I turned to Jay and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. Both of our parents and my grandmother then met us out to eat at our favorite restaurant in East Boston to celebrate!


The little cutie in our pictures? Our new fur-baby, Gino.


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