Five Out-of-the-(Chocolate)-Box Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Five Out-of-the-(Chocolate)-Box Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Receiving/giving chocolates and flowers year after year can get boring, but are you stumped on what do to instead for the big holiday? That’s okay; it’s what we are here for! Instead of spending hours researching interesting things you can do with your significant other, we’ve come up with five out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day date ideas that’ll definitely make this a holiday to remember.

By Chelsea Carney

 1. Problem-Solving At Its Finest

Ever read a mystery novel and wished you could experience solving all of those clues in real life? Now you can. Find out how you and your loved one would fare in a high-stakes problem solving situation with a murder mystery dinner or an escape room adventure.

2. Get Creative

We’ve all swooned over those scenes in rom-coms when baking a cake together turns into an all-out, adorable flour-food-fight. Now’s your chance to have your own cooking banter, whether you decide to use your own kitchen or take a class with Professor Chef.


Another rom-com classic: dancing. Whether you’re looking to get the choreography down-pat of your first dance at the reception or you just want to learn some new moves, The Dancin’ Feeling can help you two turn up the heat.

With glassblowing classes available at Thames Glass, there will be no need to buy any presents — you can make them instead, and you can do it together! Plus, a beautiful hand-made vase will not only serve as a reminder of your special night, but will give you a place to put all future Valentine’s Day roses.


If you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon: paint and wine nights have become quite the trendy activity as of late for a reason. The booze puts a fun twist on your already (probably) lacking artistic skills, and it will give you a chance to tease each other over who’s painting came out “best” at the end of the night. Paint and Vino is one of many great spots to get your Picasso on.

3. Make It A Challenge

For the more low-key couples, plan to stay in, throw something in the oven, crack open a bottle of wine and break out the board games. You can even take this as an opportunity to see how well you’ll do with finances (Monopoly, anyone?) or just life in general (there’s literally a game called the Game of Life, if you haven’t heard) after you say “I do.”


Or, kick things up a notch: if you have the time, devise a love-themed scavenger hunt. You can go the classic V-Day-Themed route with tasks like “Track down a teddy bear that says ‘I Love You Beary Much,'” or try a more thought-out, personal route where you and your partner must get a selfie at the first place you two ever kissed, went on a date, etc.

4. Couple’s Massage

Let’s face it, all of this snow recently has done nothing but damage to our stress levels (and joints too, if you’re the shoveler in the house). Sure VDay is a day where you’re supposed to be showering your significant other with love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some for yourself too. Treat Yo’self (and your beau) with a couples massage at Revival Massage and Bodyworks.

5. Foodie Crawl

If you believe all food groups are created equal, even on Valentine’s a.k.a. Chocolate Day, then this is the date night for you. Pick three or four restaurants within walking distance from each other and get a specialty cocktail at each. One place can be for appetizers, another for dinner, one for dessert and the last for a final drink. (If downtown Providence is your destination of choice, we suggest checking out thee Red Fez, the Malted Barley, the Duck and Bunny and the Eddy.) This one can get a tricky between reservation hold ups and the potential for full stomachs early on, so make sure to plan ahead if you can.


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