How To Pick Your #WeddingHashtag

How To Pick Your #WeddingHashtag

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📷: Nicole Gesmondi Photographer

Social media is booming these days. What better way to get the word out about your special day, than by creating a catchy way to post all about it?

By Dana Saccoccio


Okay, you got the right guy, the amazing proposal story that will get the whole town talking and the most beautiful ring you have ever laid eyes on. You angle your dainty manicured figures in the perfect position, you get the light to reflect just right across your glimmering diamond as it twinkles in your phone screen and… click! The first engagement photo is born and ready to be Instagram-ed. This is the big moment; the time has come to go Facebook official—but wait, don’t get ahead of yourself just yet. Make sure you have the perfect wedding hashtag before you tell the world about the big news. The use of hashtags connects all relating posts together and a wedding hashtag can link everyone in as the timeline leading up your special day blossoms.  Here’s some tips to invent the #BestHashtagEver, exclusive to you and your new fiancé.

1. #What’sYourName

Well, yeah, everyone knows your names—you’re the cutest couple on the block — but is there something that makes your names pop? A little alliteration will do the trick or something that connects your couple name and your big day. Or, everyone has enough time for a rhyme, like #JohnAndKateSaveTheDate or #McHughPartyOfTwo! Just make sure you keep it short, simple and easy to remember for optimal clicking attraction.

📷: Lisa O’Dwyer

Does it get any more adorable than #MarryMeGarrahy, as seen on the couple’s reception party sticks? Learn more about Briana and Patrick’s Newport nuptials on digital page 84 of Engaged!

2. #What’sYourNumber

So, just when is the big day? If you have the date set to walk the aisle, it’s a great to incorporate numbers into your hashtag. The key is to be original; numbers will help set you apart among the thousands of couple-related hashtags out there. If you don’t have your wedding day set, you could use your dating anniversary, the year of your wedding or even your engagement day will do! Example: #WeHeartIt2017.  Creativity in numbers are sure to get you way over one hundred likes on those special posts.

3. #PunsBringTheFun

You can’t go wrong being funny and punny. Local and newly-engaged couple, Kaylyn Crowley and Michael Chase, came up with #TheChaseIsOn the second they published the post releasing their engagement news. They have been using their punny hashtag to document their wedding planning moves ever since.

Brrnardo_sm📷: Brad Smith Photography 

And the 2016 award for punniest hashtag goes to: Mike and Colleen Bernardo! See more of their wintry wonderland on digital page 110 of Engaged.

4. #CheckItTwice

You want your hashtag to stand out and connect your posts among the thousands. It can be hard to come up with something that only links to your wedding. Even if you think you have the most seamless hashtag out there, type it in the your search bar to make sure no one else is using it. You don’t want #DianeAndDavesDreamDay to connect to the birth of Diane’s and Dave’s son in Wisconsin and get jumbled up in your wedding fun.

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