Picture Your Perfect Day with South Coast Entertainment

Picture Your Perfect Day with South Coast Entertainment

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By Michaella Lesieur

Spring is just around the corner and you know what that mean… wedding season! Well, okay, it is always wedding season here at Engaged. But you know what they say… it’s time to spring ahead, and that means getting a jump start on wedding planning too.

Customizing your wedding to yours and your partner’s tastes is trending everywhere you look, so why not have your wedding tunes stand out from all the rest, as well? Or, could a rocking photo booth be written on your wedding plans?  Either way, South Coast Entertainment can help all New England couples capture a picture-perfect day with their superb DJing and photo booth services.

The company’s owner, Zachary Rioux (aka DJ Zack) customizes  couples’ playlists and photo strips to make each wedding special and unique. He goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone has a great time and stays on their feet throughout the reception. He believes being able to read your crowd is something that goes hand in hand with the art putting on a good show.

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“The music all depends on the crowd during the night of the event,” says Rioux.” As a DJ, I have to read the crowd and play music based on their reaction to different genres of music.” Rioux aims to make all of your guests happy, so typically weddings will require a variety of music to please everyone in attendance.

Right now, there are a few songs that he would consider to be on the hot list and says that they should appear on your song chart, too. “The Cupid Shuffle, Shout by the Isley Brothers and Celebration by Kool & The Gang are popular for this year.”

South Coast Entertainment’s wedding packages include a variety of perks that every wedding party will be sure to love.

“They include MC services, a high-quality sound system, intelligent (computer controlled) lighting, up lighting, monogram and various photo booth services to add to the most important night of their life,” says Rioux.

Their photo booth services provide all different types of fun props and layouts that can connect to anyone’s theme, no matter if it’s nautical, rustic or urban chic. Whether you go for an over-sized pair of sunglasses or a classic sombrero, there is something for everyone to play around with. All you have to do is smile for the camera…or make a goofy face!

At the end of the day, being an entertainer for a couple’s big night is something Rioux keeps close to his heart.

“It is always a pleasure being a part of a couple’s wedding. A wedding is a new chapter in each spouse’s life, and the entertainment is one of the first few pages of that chapter,” says Rioux. “I enjoy working with different couples and seeing how the crowd reacts to different music selections.”

With weddings put on by South Coast Entertainment, there is always an added touch that makes them catch people’s interest.

“What makes my services stand out is the attention to detail South Coast Entertainment provides the client,” said Rioux. “We assure that everything is above par during a wedding. The lighting and music sets the mood and atmosphere for the event.”

If you would like to find out more ways you can move and groove with DJ Zack, you can contact South Coast Entertainment at 508-558-9786 and find more about their photo booth options on Facebook.

Now all that is left to do is follow the words of wisdom that DJ Zack bestows on his site: “Party the night away…”

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