19 Local Wedding Details We’re Loving in August 2019

19 Local Wedding Details We’re Loving in August 2019

📷: Kearsten Taylor Photography

This month’s round up of local wedding details is brought to you by some fantastic florals, dreamy details and A+ aesthetics.

1. This formal where you can literally see the sparks.

2. This wedding video which shows Foxwoods really does bring the wonder of it all.

3. This iconic march from Grace Episcopal Church to the reception.

4. These floral gowns that perfectly complement the actual florals from Michelle Jeanne Floral Design.

5. This elegant invitation suite from Little Birdie Papercraft.

6. This unique ceremony backdrop at Twelve Acres.

7. This cameo by a classic southern RI treat (a.k.a. Brickley’s).

8. This flowing gown surrounded by flowing waters at Lake Pearl Wrentham.

9. This vibrant tablescape.

10. And these equally vibrant floral arrangements.

11. These homey koozies.

12. This time-honored tradition.

13. This personal touch.

14. And this sweet memento.

15. This chic bridal shower setup at Hope Events on Main.

16. This ode to Creative Capital weddings.

17. This intimate moment between the newlyweds.

18. This whole aesthetic.

19. And this well-thought out and sentimental proposal.

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