Danielle Roth and Joshua McAllister are Engaged!

Danielle Roth and Joshua McAllister are Engaged!

📸: Emily Whetstone Photography // @eewphotography

Danielle Roth and Joshua McAllister of Coventry, Rhode Island are engaged! These coworkers-turned-lovers are getting hitched on
June 24, 2023 at Blissful Meadows Golf Club in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

How We Met

Josh and I met while waiting tables at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant. I know, so romantic, right?! The smell of deep-fried chicken and hard-boiled eggs REALLY attracted us to each other. We were fast friends and spent many nights closing down the restaurant and hanging out with coworkers and friends across the street at the Applebee’s for late-night bites and drinks. After about a year, we decided to try the dating thing and it just worked so well between us. Five years later and here we are!

Our Proposal Story

Josh has never been one to be able to keep a secret. In fact, I always know my Christmas presents in advance because he just can’t contain his excitement and keep the secret for just a few days longer. He had the ring in his possession for a year and a half before the big day and I never knew a single thing. We talked about marriage all the time and would make jokes and onion rings, truck keys, ring pops, etc. would all get placed on my left ring finger and flashed around as “my engagement ring.” In fact, two hours prior to him popping the question I had joked with friends about the onion ring at the restaurant FINALLY being my engagement ring and little did I know…
We were in New Hampshire with another couple and planned to take sunset pictures on top of cathedral ledge. We got there and hiked our way to a nice photo-op spot and started taking pictures. While getting our photo taken, he got down on one knee and began to propose. I ran away. After so many years and jokes I was sure it was a joke. Sure enough, it was not, and he pulled out that beautiful red Baxter’s jewelry box and we were engaged on top of the mountain where we took our first vacation as a couple five years ago. I cried like a baby.

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