Childhood Sweethearts Lindsay and Bob Get Engaged at Beavertail

Childhood Sweethearts Lindsay and Bob Get Engaged at Beavertail

📷: Mel Colvin Photography

The Meet Cute

I met Lindsay while I was in the 3rd grade; her mom was my teacher. I would see her during classes when she would visit her mom’s class, I found out later that my class was her mom’s first year of teaching. During that year, Bob had won a writing contest in class, her mom being the amazing teacher she is, added an extra bonus for the winner; they were to attend the North Carolina High School Basketball Championship for the 2A division. Ironically, my older brother was on that team. From that night what remember the most beyond running from their dog in their living room is having a genuine fun time. From eating fruit loops at 2 am with Lindsay, her sister, and her dad to begging to stay another night when it was time to go the next day, we were really just kids having fun! Lindsay has sort of a naturally empathetic and magnetic power about her, she’s in tune with those around her and she has a warm and welcoming energy. I do remember her asking me from time to time, “Are you ok ?” or “Are you having fun ?” not in an overbearing or annoying tone but in a manner that really communicated her genuine compassion for those around her. That was my first introduction to Lindsay. We remained cordial friends through Middle School and High School, I moved to a different city at the end of my 7th-grade year. We would lose contact with each other until I reconnected with my former elementary and middle friends on social media. We exchanged numbers my senior year of college and remained in contact with each other; always checking in to see how the other was doing. The rest of the story we’ll save for our kids 😀

The Engagement

I proposed to Lindsay on a trip to Rhode Island for her to receive her Master’s. It was just the two of us and I thought it would be the perfect time to pop the big question! She’s a planner so trying to surprise her is a challenge as she’s so keen on details. Nevertheless, I was able to pull it off without her suspecting what was to transpire. Or at least, that’s what she tells me ha! 

We’re both from North Carolina. Ever since I was a kid, lighthouses had always been an interest of mines. Pictures of Cape Hatteras on the classroom walls and the stories of Pirates skipping up and down the Carolina coast captured my imagination at a young age. So while looking for places to pop the big question I was intentional to pick a place that is a genuine interest of mine so that it wouldn’t seem out of place for us, which would tip her off. Beavertail is absolutely beautiful. We went on a clear, crisp spring day and the bay was stunning! I had arranged with Mel Colvin to be there prior to our arrival; knowing the area well, she directed me on where to park and where to walk, and the best place to propose. After the proposal, we did an engagement shoot around the lighthouse. It was truly a day to remember. 

The Wedding Plans

We live in New York, but we’re planning to get married back home in North Carolina (no place like home)! Our theme is a more modern/rustic look while keeping a personal aspect to it. Family is extremely important to us, so we hope to highlight the love we have for not only one another but the love and connection we have to all of our guests as well. We have family/friends who are entrepreneurs and own amazing businesses; we plan to utilize them for our vendor services on our special day!

What most excites us about the day we are to wed is the “boring” days. The days where we don’t have anything planned, nothing special happening; just a Saturday or a random Tuesday, and we’re watching one of our favorite shows or taking an afternoon nap! We know we can do that now and don’t need to be married to do that but the idea of forever, the addition of forever, in our opinion, makes moments like that all the more special.

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