9 Objectively Great Guestbook Ideas

9 Objectively Great Guestbook Ideas

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Sure, a standard album with large blank pages is ideal for leaving a sentimental note… But they aren’t as fun! Scroll on for nine of our favorite creative guestbook options.

1. The Map

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Are the loved ones on your guest list coming in from all over the state, country or planet? (Post-pandemic, we hope!) Then have them carve out their place in this world on a custom map or globe. This idea also works just as well for traveling- or cartography-obsessed couples.

2. The Snapshot

We all love professional wedding photography, but nothing can really beat a tipsy polaroid selfie or photobooth strip. Just think of it as another way to capture the nights’ shenanigans as well as your guests’ well wishes.

3. The Thematically Appropriate

Here’s where you can get creative. Throwing a rustic shebang? Have your loved ones take pen to a tree. Thinking of planning a more nautical affair? Let them claim space to a stretch of sailcloth.

4. The Short and Sweet

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If you don’t want people to have to spend too much time away from dance floor, take the message in bottle approach. This is especially fun if you ask them to dispense advice in designated bottles for one, five and ten years of marriage, only to be later opened and read on those respective anniversaries.

5. The Old School Approach

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The example above was actually meant to collect wedding cards, but we can’t help but think a letter/mailbox guestbook would be exceptionally sweet at a vintage wedding.

6. The Double Decor

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We do so appreciate a multi-functional detail. Consider having your tribe sign a large, aesthetically pleasing object — like the custom wooden sign above — that can be hung in your home together for years to come.

7. The Fun Time

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We’ve seen this in quite a few weddings, and it’s easy to understand why! Jenga is not only a great time in and of itself, but having it act as your guestbook also turns it into a wonderful keepsake you and your partner can break out with the future fam.

8. The Voicemail

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This is probably one of our favorite ideas we’ve seen over the years: Instead of trying to decipher your most likely less-than-sober guests’ handwriting, you can instead spend your time replaying their enthusiastic and love-filled voices thanks to products like the FeteFone.

9. The Classic

Okay, we may have low-key called this option boring in the intro, but they are a classic for a reason. Also, to be honest, the lovely simplicity of the books above are just really doing it for us.

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