Nancy & Kouroosh | Sept. 4, 2021

Nancy & Kouroosh | Sept. 4, 2021

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Many years later, Nancy and Kouroosh found their way back to each other after high school.

The Meet Cute: Kouroosh and Nancy grew up together in Sharon, MA, but they aren’t your stereotypical “high school sweethearts.” They were “just friends” and it definitely wasn’t a secret that they had feelings for each other, but they didn’t seriously start dating until a few years after college. Fast forward to May 2016, when in the middle of the work day, Nancy received a phone call from a number she recognized, but couldn’t quite place. She picked up the call and was shocked to hear that it was none other than Kouroosh wanting to grab dinner and catch up. Little did they both know that this would be their last “first date.” “It was the best first date that either one of us had been on,” Nancy says. “Everything just felt right.” They have been inseparable ever since.

The Engagement: In April 2019, Kouroosh and Nancy were in Walt Disney World on a family vacation. It was the last night of the trip and Kouroosh and Nancy were (purposefully) running late to meet her parents for dinner. Kouroosh took Nancy on a detour to a scenic secluded area overlooking the water. Nancy and Kouroosh are huge fans of  “The Office,” so for months leading up to this moment, Kouroosh would tease Nancy with fake proposals, like Jim had done to Pam. When Kouroosh got down on one knee, at first she thought this was another one of his pranks. It wasn’t until he looked her directly in the eye, said that he was serious and pulled out a ring box that she finally realized that it wasn’t a joke or a dream. She of course answered “yes!” and they spent the rest of the night celebrating with Champagne and fireworks. It was a dream come true.

The Wedding Plans: After canceling and rescheduling their wedding originally planned for July 2020 due to COVID, Newport was the first place that came to mind. The second they stepped foot on the Belle Mer property, they just knew. “As cliche as it sounds, our wedding day and weekend literally couldn’t have gone better,” the couple says. “It was the most dream-like and picturesque weekend we could ever imagine.” 

The First Dance: The couple danced to “The Wonder of You” by Villagers. They loved this modern take on the classic Elvis song, but the lyrics really resonated with Kouroosh as well. When he first heard the song, it was during a period of his life where he was going through some dark times. With Nancy as his guiding light, always showering him with love and understanding, the lyrics perfectly capture how he feels about her. He told her that one day, this would be their wedding song. He kept his word and showed off his beautiful bride to all their guests.

The Details

Ceremony, Reception and Catering: Belle Mer in Newport, RI | Hair and Makeup: Studio Hair Design | Makeup: Makeup by Rosie Inc | Bridal Attire: Tara Keely by Lazaro | Bridal Skirt: Hayley Paige | Groom’s Attire: 9Tailors | Florals: Blooming Blossoms | Entertainment: E.C.F. Entertainment | Videographer: Frame and Anchor

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