Erika: City Hall, Here We Come?

Erika: City Hall, Here We Come?

An opportunity to buy a house just complicated everything.

By Erika Lynde

It’s been about eight months since I really started planning this wedding. I’m finding that to be a really long time.

At first I thought ‘the longer the better’ only because I really couldn’t spend every waking minute putting together my dream wedding. (I have two wild children running around the house, and someone’s got to keep an eye on them!). So, the longer the better…right?166732401_buying house_SM

Well, I’m starting to second-guess that approach. I really wish we had gotten this all done and over with (blogger Amanda had the same thought, remember?). I’m sure every couple throughout their wedding planning process has debated eloping a time or two. (Read here for a good laugh .) We have on numerous occasions; one of them being now.

This past month an opportunity that had never presented itself before appeared out of nowhere. We were given the chance to buy a house. This is something we’ve been dreaming about since giving birth to our bundle of joy, Myla, who’s five now. So that’s five years we’ve wanted a home to call our own. But, as most of you already know, buying your own place requires money, and lots of it. So what do we do? We’ve waited so long to have a wedding, and our plans were turning out to be a dream come true. Either way we are definitely getting married this year, but how are we going to do it?

There may be some BIG changes soon. Don’t worry…I’ll keep you all posted.

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