Jacquie: A PC Proposal

Jacquie: A PC Proposal

Image by Ashley McCabe of Ashley Daubenmire Photography

By Jacquie DeSisto

About a month before our six-month anniversary, Josh asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate the occasion.  Unfortunately, that particular weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for me at work and I would be occupied from early Friday morning through Sunday at noon.  Since Josh knew that I had several obligations, he wanted to plan something special for us Sunday afternoon.

Little did I know, Josh was busy planning the perfect proposal!  It started with trying to work out a time to meet with my parents and ask for their blessing to marry me.  He later told me that he asked them to lunch four times before they finally said yes!  I think at that point they realized why he was so persistent.

On Sunday, after a long day of working on my feet, in the hot sun, with a smile on my face, I was exhausted!  I walked in the door ready for a shower and a nap, but an enthusiastic Josh greeted me ready to take me out for a walk on the Providence College campus and dinner on Federal Hill.  I couldn’t wait to celebrate with him!

When we arrived at PC, Josh seemed so nervous and excited so I started to wonder if perhaps this was it!  We walked through the quad and up the alumni path finding the bricks we had purchased as seniors.  Then we reached St. Dominic’s Chapel. Josh stopped here, walked up to the doors and tried the handles.  The doors were locked and we kept moving.  Eventually we had circled the entire campus and he said, “ready for dinner?”  I sighed thinking that perhaps I had misread the situation.

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When we walked back to the car, we passed by the chapel again and he lingered.  Finally, Josh turned towards me and held my hands in his as he shared some special sentiments.  Then he got down on one knee, popped open a small, black box and asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes, immediately, and put my hand out to him as he slipped on a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring he had designed at M.R.T. Jewelers.  It even has a special surprise under the white and rose gold setting; two blue sapphires meant to be my “something blue” when we are married.

After a brief period of jumping up and down, hugging Josh, and staring at my sparkly new ring, I suddenly couldn’t remember anything Josh had said!  I exclaimed, “Wait, I think I blacked out for a minute” and asked him to repeat the proposal.  Following two proposals, that both ended with a “yes,” we headed home to share the good news with our families.

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