Kate: Bachelorette Weekend Bliss

Kate: Bachelorette Weekend Bliss

by Kate Sembor

With our wedding day fast approaching, I was starting to feel overwhelmed! Meetings with vendors, email chains to answer, lists to fill out, details to finalize, dress fittings and the occasional hiccup thrown in to my plans – it was becoming all too stressful. How many brides out there can relate?!

That is why this past weekend was my favorite part of being engaged so far: the bachelorette party and bridal shower. I was really looking forward to the time to unwind with girlfriends!

My bachelorette and bridal shower were held on the same weekend to make it easy on my out-of-town guests to attend all the festivities at once.  My maid and matron of honor worked hard to plan a surprise weekend of activities that perfectly suited my personality. I love surprises and I was excited to begin the weekend!

We started Friday night off right by gathering in a gorgeous vacation home in Rhode Island for a cookout and some catch up time with friends. I was so happy to have so many come to relax and unwind with me! We grilled dinner outside and enjoyed the summer weather (while popping champagne, of course!).

On Saturday, the girls had a wonderful day planned for me. After a delicious brunch, we headed off to Newport Vineyards for a group tasting and had a blast enjoying wine, picnicking and taking photos amongst the gorgeous scenery. My maid of honor even made custom shirts to celebrate with! That night, we went out for dinner and cocktails and danced the night away.

On Sunday, we woke up for breakfast and traveled to my bridal shower in Connecticut. There, my family and future family had gathered for a flip-flop themed luncheon in my honor. The centerpieces were so fun and I could not stop smiling! A dose of relaxation with friends and family was just what the doctor ordered for this overworked bride. I have never felt more loved and supported by the females in my life! Now, with new energy and support, I am ready to take on these final weeks before I can say ‘I do’!

Here are some tips and tricks for your Bachelorette/Bridal Shower Weekend:

    1. Remember to bring a printed out list of your registry items to your bridal shower – it makes the maid of honor’s job so much easier if she already has the items listed and they only have to include the gift giver’s name! Also, don’t forget scissors, extra garbage bags and a stapler for the bow bouquet!
    2. Take more than a few group shots! My favorite memento of this weekend was a framed photo of everyone together. It was good to have a few options for group shots. The girls even signed the outside of the frame as a keepsake for me!
  1. Pack for a variety of occasions/weather/activities! I am glad I brought everything from a raincoat to extra shoes. At one point, my flip-flops broke while out celebrating – it is always good to have a backup!
  2. Stay hydrated! In order to keep your energy up and your skin looking great, be sure to take a water bottle with you throughout the day. Water bottle party favors work great for this!
  3. Relax and have fun! This may be your last chance to relax with your friends before the big day. Forget your planning woes and reconnect with the people who mean the most to you!

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