Signs You Might Just Need at Your Wedding

Signs You Might Just Need at Your Wedding

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We’re suckers for signage here at Engaged. It’s one of our favorite details. We love how they really shine a light on a wedding’s color palette and theme while also letting the couple showcase their creativity. Some are more practical (i.e. seating charts) while others are purely pretty (i.e. welcome signs). Some couples use chalkboards or mirrors or wood while others think a little more out of the box. But which signage options suit your nuptial plans best? Here’s a list of some of our favorite examples from weddings we’ve featured in recent years.

1. Welcome Signs

How else people supposed to know that they showed up to the right venue? All jokes aside, these signs are a nice way to introduce your guests to your wedding’s overall vibe. You can add your names, your date, a sweet sentiment (see: “our adventure begins here”), or keep it short and sweet with a simple, “Welcome.”

2. Ceremony Signs

These can also overlap with welcome signs if the ceremony area is the designated meeting spot for guests, but many couples often use this opportunity to announce they are holding an unplugged ceremony or to let grandparents know they don’t have to stick to a certain side of the aisle (i.e. “pick a seat, not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied”).

3. Seating Charts / Escort Cards

Probably one of the most frustrating tasks (is Great Aunt Becky going to be pissed if I put her at the singles table?), this is also probably one of the more important pieces of signage. By far the most popular rendition of the seating chart now a days is to recycle a rustic chic door or window with glass panes (see below). And rightfully so! They are big enough that guests don’t have to stand too close and squint to find your name, and the sectioned off panels allow for easy organization. However, if you’re not a huge DIY-er, simple signage or escort cards work just as well.

4. Table Numbers

The sister signage to seating charts/escort cards, table numbers are essential to helping your guests locate their real estate for the night. Many couples go for the straightforward numerals while others pick fun themes (think: places the couple have visited together, favorite album names, iconic tv show casts, etc.) for their tables.

5. Menu / Dessert Table / Bar Signage

Okay, this is a pretty broad category. Some couples serve buffets and therefore place signs at the head of the line to preview the options. Some have dessert tables with an assortment of goodies and flavors and dietary supplements and so they indicates as much. Some like to proudly display the thought that went into their signature drinks. And some do all of the above, plus more! Whatever you decide to do for your eats, treats and beverages at your reception, it never hurts to give everyone a bit of a heads up with some pretty signage.

6. Guestbook Signage

Gone are the days when every wedding has a single, blank book for guests to write their well wishes in or a simple box for gifts and cards. We see everything from messages in a bottle to signable polaroids and giant Jenga blocks. And so, it’s understandable that some guests might need a little guidance as to how to participate.

7. Misc.

A sign for whatever for whatever you deem necessary! Maybe one for a remembrance table; one encouraging friends and family to use your custom hashtag; one that introduces your wedding party; one for directing traffic between rooms; one for the sweetheart table; one explaining your favors; one for a photobooth; and/or just some pretty quotes.

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